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Treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders

What sets Ridgeview Ranch apart from other residential treatment centers is our commitment to people who struggle with substance abuse coupled with mental health disorders. This style of treatment is referred to as co-occurring disorder because it focuses on treating the comorbid condition found in many individuals who have to battle mental health issues such as depression, narcissism, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder in addition to their drug and alcohol addiction. Combined and left untreated, both diagnoses may affect the individual on all levels of their life and make the maintenance of long term sobriety impossible. To have an effective treatment experience both illnesses must be assessed and diagnosed clinically and then treated with a thoughtful and individualized treatment plan.

Are all clients treated for co-occurring disorders? No, but according to a recent article published in the American Medical Association, 37% of alcohol abusers and 53% of drug abusers also have at least one serious mental illness, and of all people diagnosed as mentally ill, 29% abuse either alcohol or drugs. Studies have shown that over 65% of cases of chemical dependency also included the presence of a mental illness. While millions of Americans are suffering from co-occurring disorders, only a fraction actually receives the treatment they need. According to a study conducted in December of 2007 by the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment, “uncoordinated efforts to deal with comorbid conditions such as mental health problems and substance abuse” was found to be a chief complaint of treatment centers among clients.

At Ridgeview Ranch, we have made co-occurring disorders a cornerstone of our treatment for drug and alcohol rehab. We believe that co-occurring disorders treatment requires appropriate staffing to address the core issues. Our clients see Certified Addiction Counselors for their chemical dependency issues and Masters Level or Licensed Therapists for their co-occurring disorders and psychotherapy. Our highly trained staff of clinical professionals provide clients with a comprehensive and therapeutic program, which is in keeping with our culture of approaching problems in a more holistic manner.