Yoga and Recovery


Addiction removes a human being from their body and averts them from truly connecting to who they really are both physically and mentally. This prevents the individual from feeling what their body is trying to let them know. When an individual is in the deep grips of addiction, they lose touch with themselves and their surroundings. After years and years of this, it takes its toll. At Ridgeview Ranch, we focus on different approaches to bringing that person back, and helping them learn who they are again. Yoga and other holistic treatments, are great avenues to slowly but surely reintroduce a being to physical sensation. Not to mention it is also supremely relaxing and highly beneficial for one’s health. When dealing with high amounts of stress, depression, and anxiety that become present during and after detoxing, yoga is perfection in terms of assisting in calming and grounding a person–reintroducing them to the world without their dependency to a substance.

In the steps of recovery, written in the ’30s, it is emphasized that the physical body is just as important as emotions. This whole-body approach to recovery resonates with many yogis. You can complete the steps and begin to recover mentally and make amends, but the body is still begging for help. They are still riddled with physical maladies and imbalances. The camaraderie provided by a 12 step program is helpful, yet it does not address physical pains and aches someone may be dealing with after years and years of self medicating. Yoga opens your mind, body, and soul– while its benefits are utterly priceless, it will revive places that have been dead for so long and it will open you to a more spiritual path. Finding peace and serenity with both a structured program and a healthy diet and exercise– yoga– will be highly beneficial. You may find refuge and relief from feeling imprisoned by your own thoughts.


At Ridgeview Ranch, we believe strongly in a full and well rounded approach to recovery. We don’t believe in only focusing on one aspect and brushing the rest off. Our treatment program includes holistic therapies such as yoga, meditation, hypnotherapy and other extraordinary therapies. We strive to maintain an environment of positive activities for the mind, body, and soul. If you visit our websites’ treatment methods/holistic therapy section, you’ll see a list of offerings.