The Darkness Behind Opiate Addiction

Who has ever been to the doctor’s office? I can guarantee, in America, the answer to that question, without doubt, would have, “I have”, reigning supreme over the alternative answer, “I have not”. There are, of course, many reasons for making an appointment with your doctor. Unfortunately, one of the most common reasons people schedule these appointments is for pain. As doctors they have to cure or try to cure the symptoms they are presented with, so oftentimes a person can get their hands on a number of opiates to relieve the pain, easier than one would expect. Opiates are also referred to as opioids and narcotics. They are pain relievers created from Opium. More specifically, Opium is derived from the poppy plant. The two natural forms or products of opiates are; codeine and morphine. There are numerous amounts of synthetic imitations and modifications that create opioids as well. The list stretches from the street drug, heroin, to forms such as methadone, fentanyl, oxycodone, and hydrocodone– this is only naming a few. The narcotics mentioned greatly reduce high-intensity pain and when correctly taken, they absolutely aid in effectively managing pain with short-term usage and when taken this way, rarely is addiction caused. These drugs, in all their forms, are highly addictive and even deadly if misused. Seeking treatment at the best detox center Los Angeles, maybe the ending point of suffering for you.

The Darkness Behind Opiate Addiction - Ridgeview Ranch can bring you back into the light.
Many people who do seek medical attention when in pain after an accident, injury, or any other event that may take place to cause avid pain, go see a doctor for legitimate reasons and really do need the medication. They start out taking them as prescribed for relieving pain. Some people realize that they enjoy the feeling that the drug gives them once taken. At this point, people may begin taking an extra half of a pill, just for an extra little kick. Sometimes, people will begin imagining their pain is intensifying, which assists in a delusional mind that is able to rationalize abusing prescribed medications. This mind is the mind that may allow loved ones to enable their drug-addicted son, daughter, wife, husband, friend, and so on. Once the addiction is there an individual will slowly or rapidly begin a very dark downward spiral, which can also include beginning to take other drugs, or seek street drugs when their doctor will no longer prescribe the medication. In these situations, no one wins. Families suffer watching the people they love to go down a dark path, and the addict is suffering both mentally and physically. Their vision is tunneled and all they are able to see is their drug of choice. Addiction is unfortunate. In some cases, adults with young children may become addicted together and seemingly out of nowhere, the children become somewhat or entirely neglected.

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Opiate usage and abuse has reached epidemic proportions. It is easier for people to get their hands on different forms of opiates than ever before. It starts by swallowing the pills and addicts may work their way to snorting, injecting, and any other means of consumption– preferably whichever gets to the bloodstream quickest, equating in a faster and stronger high. Opiate death rates have begun to sweep the nation at extremely high rates. Most people are familiar with the recent passing of Prince or Prince Rogers Nelson (his full name). Toxicology tests did conclude that Prince passed away due to an accidental overdose of Fentanyl. Fentanyl is commonly prescribed by physicians for cancer treatment. This has contributed to the spike in Opiate overdose. It is not the sole driving factor, but its contribution is quite massive. Fentanyl is stronger than most Opiates out there. Once in the midst of Fentanyl addiction, it will grasp with a clawing grip that never dares to let go, it will take you down and make it almost impossible to quit on your own. The first step to getting better is admitting and acknowledging you have a problem. This may happen on your own or by intervention. Either way, it is important to get help before it is too late. Contact Ridgeview Ranch, Rehab Center Los Angeles, who knows the ins and outs of struggling. We know the suffering. We understand. We can help. If you or a loved one is struggling, give us a call at (800) 296-1868 and visit for more information. We can bring you back to the life you deserve.