Opioid Overdose Crisis

Dependent on prescription pain relievers, heroin & synthetic opioids such as fentanyl? The addiction specialists at Ridgeview Ranch will aid you on your path to recovery by addressing the core issues of addiction in a friendly, supportive environment, clients will find themselves able to achieve sobriety with Ridgeview.
The issue of opioid addiction is a topic that has been gaining more attention in the media recently and with good reason. With the steady rise in cases of opioid abuse and dependency, the gravity of this situation has become one that is impossible to ignore. While heroin has been the cause of its own level of struggle, the boom in prescription opioids has created a public health crisis that is gaining attention from major health services. This blog will aim to shed some light on the history of the opioid crisis, some of the methods being used to prevent it, and how help can be achieved.

The opioid issue originates back in the late 90’s when prescription policies began to shift due to influence from major pharmaceutical companies. Prior to this time, many healthcare providers were hesitant to prescribe patients opioid-based pain relievers because of the impression that there was an inherent danger in them. However, after the pharmaceutical industry began to downplay their risk and assured the medical industry that patients would not be addicted, opioids were prescribed at an increased rate for those suffering from chronic pain, muscle issues, and other disorders.

This eventually lead to a spike in opioid overdose rates as several patients grew dependent on their medication. Studies have shown that roughly 21 to 29 percent of patients who were prescribed opioids misuse them and between 8 to 12 percent developed an opioid addiction. As prescription misuse increased at an alarming rate, some even transitioned from prescription opioids to heroin.

While it may seem that the opioid crisis is one that is spiraling out of control, there are actions being put in place to help those impacted. The US Department of Health and Human Services has begun to develop programs to help provide solutions to this growing crisis. By strengthening public understanding of the epidemic, promoting the use of overdose-reversing drugs, and improving access to treatment and recovery services, the HHS aims to help solve the opioid issue by discovering ways to prevent misuse and create alternatives to pain management issues.

Those who find themselves struggling with opioid-related issues in the Los Angeles or Pasadena, CA area are not without resource. If you have a dependence on prescription pain relievers, heroin, and synthetic opioids such as fentanyl, the addiction specialists at Ridgeview Ranch can aid you on your path to recovery. By addressing core issues of addiction in a friendly, supportive environment, clients will find themselves able to achieve sobriety at our treatment center.

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