Treatment for the Whole Person

Treatment for the Whole Person

Ridgeview Ranch believes every aspect of your life is affected by addiction and drug abuse. That’s why at our addiction treatment center in Los Angeles, we target the whole body – Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual – and specialize in healing all types of deeply rooted issues that may be negatively impacting your life.

How do we do it? Our state-of-the-art Pasadena Rehab Center is tailored to promote healthy living while relieving stress and helping you find balance from within. At Ridgeview Ranch, we offer a variety of activities proven to reduce addiction cravings and anxiety and tailor each treatment plan to fit the individual needs of our clients.

Building Healthy Routines

To lead a healthy life, we must first cut out the things that cause us to exude destructive behavior. Ridgeview Ranch encourages each individual to reflect on their daily and long-term challenges in a diverse setting and helps them form new habits to regain control of their mind and body.

As a part of our holistic approach, we support personal growth through our specialized addiction treatment methods. Some of the most enjoyed programs at Ridgeview Ranch include yoga, meditation, art therapy, equine therapy, spa, fitness center, and heated swimming pool for year-round relaxation.

Reducing Stress

Many addiction treatment specialists suggest that the number one reason for failed alcohol and drug detox is stress. Our residential homes and exclusive amenities provide a clean and comfy environment to help you recover and feel your best. Our clinical professionals take into consideration an individual’s everyday needs, devise a plan to prevent future relapses, and heavily assist our clients in retraining their reactions to stressful situations.

Finding Balance

Treating the whole person also means exploring the depths of their mental health. According to recent addiction studies, over 65% of chemical dependency cases also include the presence of mental illness. At Ridgeview Ranch Addiction Treatment Center, we provide specialized services for people dealing with co-occurring disorders such as bipolar disorder and depression. All clients meet with our highly trained addiction specialists; and receive a full range of therapeutic techniques, proven to be highly effective in detox and recovery.

If you’re interested in learning more about hands-on, drug rehabilitation in Pasadena, California please contact (877) 526-7706 for a free consultation. The Path To Healing Begins At Ridgeview Ranch!

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