Holistic Therapy

Ridgeview Ranch believes that addiction touches every aspect of a person’s life and therefore effective drug and alcohol rehab treatment must address the Whole Person. Whole Person treatment is Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual. At Ridgeview Ranch we have combined a wide array of activities and therapies that have proven to promote healthy living by decreasing stress and improving physical conditioning in addition to practices that quiet the mind for deep personal reflection. We believe we offer strategies that help our clients find “balance”. We are pleased to offer these activities as a regular part of the weekly program for our clients. We are able to create “individual” sessions tailored to address specific issues and needs as they arise from the rehab treatment experience. Our Holistic Therapy Practitioners are either Certified and/or Licensed and come to us with many years of experience.

One physiological reason addicts go back for more drugs and alcohol is that their brain begins to crave that dopamine surge even when they just think about drug use. According to research conducted at Stanford University, drug and alcohol rehab based on yoga and meditation may actually dampen dopamine activity in the basal ganglia. This is the part of the brain that’s involved with control over motivation and attraction. By inhibiting that dopamine impulse, yoga helps inhibit cravings and negative emotional states that trigger drug use.

Part of Ridgeview Ranch’s Holistic Approach utilizes the practice of yoga. The will and determination yoga requires helps people regain control over their body and their mind. Yoga can, in fact, alter brain neurology and help reduce cravings, anxiety and fear; all responses that can lead to destructive behaviors.

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