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What Amenities,  Accommodations & Activities are available at Ridgeview Ranch’s  Residential Treatment Facilities?

In regards to a successful recovery,  finding the right staff and treatment program is of vital importance, but seeking out the right recovery environment matters too. When people feel engaged and involved in the facility where they are getting care, they are more likely to complete their program.  The right amenities can mean the difference between completing a program successfully or dropping out much too early. Our Addiction Treatment Center provides the highest level of services and amenities for our clients.

Clean, comfortable rooms:  People in the early stages of recovery, such as the Detox process,  need a little time to relax and focus on their recovery. Our staff helps in making sure our Detox clients are comfortable and assist with certain tasks throughout the detox process, such as making sure that our client’s rooms, clothes, bed sheets and pillow cases are clean.

Treatment therapy, support,  and prescribed medications by an addiction Doctor can soothe the physical discomfort caused by years of addiction. But there is a degree of mental adjustment that comes with the recovery process. People need to learn to live without drugs, and they need to quell the mental cravings for drugs that can set in as they begin the healing process. Part of the Ridgeview Ranch Treatment Center recovery process includes rest and relaxation.  Our rooms are welcoming, safe, secure, comfortable & beautiful.

Peer Support: Often, people are expected to share rooms. As a study in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs points out, peers are considered part of the therapeutic program. Peers can offer their own recovery stories and they can provide support and comfort as someone who has “been there." Sharing a room helps make that peer support easier to both give and receive. Sometimes life-long relationships and support are built through our programs.

Nourishing meals: Physical decline from drug addiction can be amended, in some cases, with exercise, but nutrition plays an important role too. Many people who take drugs simply replace healthy meals with unhealthy drugs, and they may be dangerously underweight or vitamin deficient when they arrive for care. Others may deal with physical side effects caused by drugs that make eating less appealing. People with addictions to these drugs may also be underweight and weak, and they may have little interest in eating. Our talented Chefs create healthy meals that are nutritious and delicious and are customized for each of our clients.

Outings and activities: rock climbing, driving range, other typical sporting opportunities such as bowling, miniature golf, concerts, sporting events, and others.

Exercise opportunities: Many people who enroll in addiction treatment programs struggle with physical health. They may be weakened due to years of physical decline caused by drugs, or they may have endured physical problems caused by a drug binge. Exercise can help with these issues, and it can also help with addiction. Exercise helps to reduce compulsive drug use among addicted people and might be helpful during recovery. We offer a fitness center, yoga classes, meditation, hiking up beautiful trails, equine therapy and massage therapy.

Meditative space: Cravings can also be conquered with meditation. People who meditate learn to use the power of the mind to calm the body’s urges. They find a safe, comfortable, and relaxing space inside the mind, and they head to that space when the urge to use becomes overwhelming. We teach mediation skills. As an article in Psychology Today points out, meditation helps people with addictions to deal with the uncomfortable feelings that might stem from changing their behaviors. Rather than escaping with drugs, they learn to cope with the discomfort. Meditation could, in theory, be done anywhere, but it is easier for people new to the practice to do so in calm, beautiful spaces.

Recreational spaces: The vast majority of time people spend in a rehab facility is devoted to therapy, healing, and support group work. But people who work all day and do not enjoy their time can become people who are burned out, tired, and weary. We provide recreational spaces, including comfortable couches, reading rooms, movie-watching areas, Large Screen TV’s, music rooms, pool tables, ping pong, and access to our pools. Those spaces allow people to rest and relax in the company of other people healing from addiction. It could be vital.

Supervision: People who enroll in drug rehab programs really want to get better, but their addiction may continue to call out for drugs, even after they enroll in care. Our professional staff ensure that clients in our detox and residential treatment program are clean and sober at all times. We provide a secure and structured environment which helps ensure people stick to their commitment to get sober.

Music therapy: Each week, our clients gather for one of the popular programs at Ridgeview Ranch Treatment Center: Rock to Recovery music therapy. In Rock to Recovery, a professional musician in recovery helps clients pick out a fun instrument, establish a beat, and create melodies and lyrics. By the end of the session, they will have composed, performed and recorded an entire song.

Rock to Recovery was developed by Wesley Geer, a professional musician for more than two decades and former guitarist for the legendary rock band Korn. Geer understands from his own experience in rehab the powerful effect that music therapy programs can have in early recovery. Hoping to share some of what he’s learned in recovery, he founded Rock to Recovery in late 2012 as a nonprofit and recruited other working musicians to help in the effort.

In each Rock to Recovery session:

  • A professional musician shares his story and leads a discussion of music and recovery – how music can assist in recovery and how recovery can promote creativity.
  • The musician helps group members explore the various talents hidden in the group, including the musical instruments people play or would like to play. No musical training or experience is necessary.
  • The group forms a “band” and creates a song, with lyrics, often writing the lyrics as a group; the lyrics tend to evolve organically toward recovery-based themes.
  • The song is performed and uploaded to Rock to Recovery’s sound cloud.

The Rock to Recovery program shows how music as therapy can make recovery fun and creative.

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