• May Is Mental Health Awareness Month- May is Mental Health Awareness Month. While staying physically healthy is vital to living well, spreading awareness about mental health has never been more important. In fact, mental and physical health often go hand-in-hand. People who are addicted to alcohol or drugs often develop mental health disorders, making recovery even more difficult as they have… Continue Reading
  • Sobriety in the Public Eye: Celebrities Who Are Open About Addiction- Fame and stardom may look glamorous to outside observers, but celebrities lead lives filled with pressures just like millions of other people. Also like many other people, some celebrities turn to alcohol or drugs to escape the pressures of their everyday lives and develop life-threatening addictions. Some celebrities have seen constant media exposure and the… Continue Reading
  • Traveling During Addiction Recovery- Addiction recovery is a delicate process that relies on routine behavior. Traveling can be extremely stressful for recovering addicts because it disrupts that routine. But you can maintain sobriety by making preparations to avoid and relieve pressures that could trigger a relapse. Take Support Materials with YouIf you’re traveling by airplane, train, or bus, you’ll… Continue Reading
  • The Vital Role of Nutrition in Addiction Recovery- It’s a given that nutrition in general is important, but it’s a critical factor in addiction recovery. Substance use and addiction affects your body comparable to an unbalanced diet, taking a toll not only your weight but also on how your organs work, including your brain which influences how you think and feel. The recovery… Continue Reading
  • Early Signs of Addiction- It’s hard to admit you have an addiction or to voice your concerns to a friend or family member you suspect has an addiction. But addiction is an extremely serious condition affecting mental, physical, and emotional health and should be addressed immediately. One of the difficulties of identifying addiction early is that it doesn’t always… Continue Reading
  • Apps to Help with Addiction- Addicts face numerous challenges throughout the recovery process. This includes a lack of access to resources for patients after completing an intensive program. However, many have easy access to their phones, computers, or tablets. As a result, this connective technology has emerged as a resource for providing recovering addicts with a safety net. Currently, there… Continue Reading
  • Un-Following the Trend of Social Media Addiction- Describing someone as an addict means they exhibit a compulsive behavior that carries negative effects. Social media addiction is not officially recognized as a disease or disorder. However, many studies focus on parallels between people who display addictive behavior in their usage and drug, alcohol, or gambling addicts.Behaviors and Effects of Social Media Addiction One… Continue Reading
  • Building a Healthier You in 2019- Like millions of others, you started 2019 with a resolution to improve your health. Or maybe you already made some progress during 2018 and want to keep it up. Many people overlook the idea that good health is a lifestyle, not a resolution. It’s great to say you’re resolved to achieve good health, but you… Continue Reading
  • How Technology Addiction Affects Families- When most people think about addiction, they think about addiction to drugs or alcohol, or maybe prescription medication. But there is another kind of addiction that is perhaps even more common, and with harmful effects that might be harder to notice: social media and technology addiction. We’ve all experienced it, the sudden realization that everyone… Continue Reading
  • How Your Environment Can Help or Hinder Your Road to Recovery- Environment plays a huge factor in developing addictions or substance abuse habits, as Adi Jaffe Ph.D. explains in Psychology Today. Environments also play a big factor in how successfully you can recover. As Dr. Jaffe explains, there are several important factors in your environment that can make addiction more or less likely: Family, Peers, Work/School,… Continue Reading


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