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  • 5 Facts about Drug Rehab that You Should Know - If you or someone you know is in need of a drug rehab facility, there are some important facts about drug rehab that you need to know. Most importantly, you or loved one is not alone. A recent study found 23 million U.S. residents required treatment for drug addiction or alcoholism. However, this is still Continue Reading
  • How Long Does Drug Addiction Treatment Usually Last? -   When you have made the courageous decision to begin a drug addiction treatment plan, determining how this decision will logistically impact your life is a logical next step. Treatment plans vary from center to center; however, doing your research and asking important questions will help you make the decision that is best for you. Continue Reading
  • There’s Addiction Treatment Deficit in America - The U.S. Surgeon General has recently come out with a report stating that American has reached an extraordinary deficiency of addiction treatment facilities.  Most have heard of the epidemic of opioid addiction that has recently spread across the country, from Florida to California. The Cost Impact We are a country highly concerned with the cost Continue Reading
  • Teaching Children the Benefits of Being Drug Free with our rehab center Pasadena - For decades now, children have been taught in their classrooms the benefit of being drug-free.  It began with a few simple slogans, such as the famous “Just Say No!” in the 1980’s to early 90’s, and grew from there.  I personally remember donning an oversized D.A.R.E. shirt in my elementary school, singing songs about the Continue Reading
  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse Affects More Than Just Yourself - When you have an addiction, your loved ones suffer too There are many ways in which drug addicts and alcoholics may justify their addictions to themselves that might sound familiar to you: that you have it under control and are still functioning normally, or that you can stop at any time and therefore do not Continue Reading
  • Smoking Marijuana Creates Stronger Potential for Harder Drug Use Later in Life - As marijuana heads for the mainstream, children are at risk There’s no denying that marijuana is growing in popularity and acceptance within the United States, especially when taking into account that it is legal or at least decriminalized in twenty-eight states and the District of Columbia. While it’s true that there are positive uses for Continue Reading
  • What to Consider when Choosing a Rehab or Treatment Center - Things to think about before checking in Being able to admit that you are in need of a rehab or treatment center can be scary, but recognizing and understanding this is already a major first step on the road to recovery. So now it’s time for the next step: choosing a treatment center or rehabilitation Continue Reading
  • Drunk Driving: Know the Consequences - The costs are greater than you know How many times have you been in this situation? You’re out at a bar or club, you’ve had a few drinks and you’re feeling pretty good. As the night winds down, it’s time to go home. You know you’re not sober, but it’s not that big a deal, Continue Reading
  • Rethinking Relapses: What Falling Off the Wagon Can Teach You - A relapse doesn’t mean you’ve failed It never feels good to relapse – or, it can feel good in the moment, but all too soon a relapse is accompanied by feelings of guilt and regret. Our Pasadena rehab center understands that relapsing can feel like failure, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, a Continue Reading


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