• Why Our Bodies Are Prone to Addiction - According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA), addiction is a chronic, relapsing brain disease characterized by compulsive drug seeking and use, despite harmful consequences. Chronic being the key term. Like other chronic diseases, addiction can be treated and maintained but it cannot be cured. Why? The Science Behind Addiction Excessive drinking and drug… Continue Reading
  • The Problems at the Core of the Opioid Crisis - Our country has been battling an opioid addiction crisis for nearly 30 years. In the early 1990s, public officials had some justification in blaming patient-prescribed pills as the source of the problem. During that time, physicians increased the number of prescriptions to compensate for undertreatment of pain in patients, and in 1996 Oxycontin was released… Continue Reading
  • How Families Can Help Addicts After Rehab - The post-rehab period for recovering addicts presents its own challenges. Not only do they need to continue staying sober, but they also have to do it without the constant professional attention they had during treatment. Because of this significant change in their environment, support from family is critical. However, it’s common for family members to… Continue Reading
  • Staying Sober After Rehab - Recovering from addiction is a great achievement, but it’s also the beginning of a new process. After sobriety has been reached, maintaining it presents yet another challenge. Though treatment centers teach strategies to help recovering addicts deal with difficult situations that can trigger cravings, some fear relapse after leaving rehab. They worry that without the… Continue Reading
  • Links Between Childhood Trauma and Addiction as an Adult - The recently released Elton John biography film Rocketman has quickly gained wide acclaim from critics and audiences. One of the highlights of the movie is its treatment of his alcoholism and drug addiction resulting from his childhood experiences. Some have declared this aspect of the film as one of its greatest triumphs when compared to… Continue Reading
  • America’s Two Drug Epidemics - In recent years, public health officials have focused on rising opioid use among Americans. However, it is only one of two drug epidemics that have been spreading in the U.S. The other is methamphetamine use, which is growing rapidly in the western part of the country. The result is a two-front battle against different substances… Continue Reading
  • May Is Mental Health Awareness Month - May is Mental Health Awareness Month. While staying physically healthy is vital to living well, spreading awareness about mental health has never been more important. In fact, mental and physical health often go hand-in-hand. People who are addicted to alcohol or drugs often develop mental health disorders, making recovery even more difficult as they have… Continue Reading
  • Sobriety in the Public Eye: Celebrities Who Are Open About Addiction - Fame and stardom may look glamorous to outside observers, but celebrities lead lives filled with pressures just like millions of other people. Also like many other people, some celebrities turn to alcohol or drugs to escape the pressures of their everyday lives and develop life-threatening addictions. Some celebrities have seen constant media exposure and the… Continue Reading
  • Traveling During Addiction Recovery - Addiction recovery is a delicate process that relies on routine behavior. Traveling can be extremely stressful for recovering addicts because it disrupts that routine. But you can maintain sobriety by making preparations to avoid and relieve pressures that could trigger a relapse. Take Support Materials with YouIf you’re traveling by airplane, train, or bus, you’ll… Continue Reading
  • The Vital Role of Nutrition in Addiction Recovery - It’s a given that nutrition in general is important, but it’s a critical factor in addiction recovery. Substance use and addiction affects your body comparable to an unbalanced diet, taking a toll not only your weight but also on how your organs work, including your brain which influences how you think and feel. The recovery… Continue Reading


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