Building a Healthier You in 2019

Many people overlook the idea that good health is a lifestyle, not a resolution. Ridgeview Ranch offers some tips to help you achieve a healthier life.

Like millions of others, you started 2019 with a resolution to improve your health. Or maybe you already made some progress during 2018 and want to keep it up. Many people overlook the idea that good health is a lifestyle, not a resolution. It’s great to say you’re resolved to achieve good health, but you need to take action to reach your goals. Here are some tips to help you reach a healthier life.


Start Small and Build

We live in a culture of instant gratification, but building a healthy lifestyle is best done by making gradual changes. Start with small things like a 10-minute light workout in your living room or a walk around the block right after you get home. When small changes become habitual, you can increase the intensity and time you spend.


Keep A Balanced Diet (Not a Strict One)

It’s common for people to go into a new year determined to keep a strict diet. However, they’re often setting themselves up for failure. Eating becomes like a chore instead of one of the pleasures that life offers us.

A balanced diet is key to healthy living and leaves room for enjoyment. Whether you actually love veggies or just want to sink your teeth into some meat once in a while, all the options are still on the table. Concern yourself instead with how you balance your diet. Eat meat less often but make sure it’s good quality. Choose fresh vegetables that contain more nutrients than canned or frozen. It’s also easier to ease back into a balanced diet when you do find yourself slipping.


Sleep Tight

When people think of health, they usually think of eating and exercising. Sleep is equally important. The amount of sleep you get affects how you think and act, and how your body responds to exercise. Ongoing sleep deficiency also increases your risk for chronic health problems. Make sure you get roughly the recommended 8 hours every night.


The Triangle of Health

Think of a healthy lifestyle as a triangle, which is the strongest shape. When all 3 sides (diet, exercise, and sleep) are equally balanced, your health is in strong shape. Pay attention to each of them while you go through the year, and we hope you’ll see the results you imagined when you made up your mind to live a healthier 2019!

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