Do I Have the Disease of Addiction?

Oftentimes, as addicts, we tend to believe that we do not have a problem and “we can stop whenever we want”. We think, “It’s temporary, I’m not hurting anyone”. Until, one day, you do hurt yourself and those around you. Once in the deepest grips of addiction, things tend to take a backseat to your addiction. Everything begins to revolve around your addiction and when you can get your next hit. Things become extremely distorted; even when every person around you who loves you is telling you otherwise. If you have ever had the thought “do I have a problem?” enter your mind for even a split second– it is likely you have an addiction. Luckily, there are places you can go to for help. Ridgeview Ranch Drug Rehabilitation Centers Los Angeles is here for you. We want to help you. You just have to let us.


Have you ever missed work or special occasions because you were too busy getting high or drunk? Most people who are fortunate enough not to have an addiction, typically, make it to work on time, work well, keep up their homes, themselves– physically, mentally, and spiritually. They seem to be productive and contributing members of society (that is not to say non-addicted beings can fall short of all of those things despite their lack of addiction). When your drug of choice is at the forefront of your mind at all times, it becomes difficult to keep up with your daily life. You may become isolated, which only feeds the addiction further. Looking back one day, you will likely think of all the special events and occasions you missed because you were too drunk or high. This is not normal. There are other ways in which you will learn can be more fun than you imagined. Learn to actually live and try new things. You can learn to be THERE again. At Ridgeview Ranch California Rehab Centers there are different programs to help you transition back to a normal life, such as, meditation.


Can you stop? Have you ever tried stopping for long periods of time? If you’re unable to put it down for even a day, it’s likely that you have a problem. Many people can come home and have one glass of wine to wind down, whereas, addicts and alcoholics may come home and have one glass of wine…followed by all the wine you can find in your house. One is never enough! (Repeat that a few times.)

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Does your drug of choice bring ANY positivity to your life? Does it make the people you love happy? Does it better your life in any way whatsoever (other than making you feel good, until you don’t, then you need more)? You are filling your body with toxins and chemicals that can kill you if abused. This disease isn’t a joke. It is life-threatening. It fills your life with negativity and hurts you and those around you. So, really, ask yourself what the benefits of this addiction are.


Have any of your loved ones inquired about your “problem”? If anyone if your life has ever mentioned your addiction, it’s likely you have a problem. The people who know you best, are able to notice an extreme change in behaviors. If it persists, they will ask you if you are okay and if you need help. This is not commonplace for all people. Again, nothing good comes from an addiction.


Do you oftentimes feel guilty? After a night of binge drinking or being on other substances, do you wake up (or stay awake) and think of all the things you did the night before? Would you ever do half of the things you do while influenced by drugs and alcohol, while you were sober? These feelings of guilt will forever stay if you continue doing what you’re doing. If your life is slowly slipping away from you and you feel nothing but guilt, sadness, anxiety, and frustration– you can stop by getting help. Learn to accept and let go of your past and move on. With our group and individual therapy, you are afforded the opportunity to delve into the deeper issues behind your disease.


You can get help. There is no need to feel embarrassed. Addiction has become a tragic epidemic. You are the furthest thing away from being alone. You don’t want to look back at your life and either not remember a thing or only remember all the terrible things you did, all the moments you missed, and all the days you wasted because of your disease. It’s never too late to get help. Your world can go from a dark and gloomy bubble of negative energy and guilt to a life of light and positive energy and love. If you keep doing the same exact thing over and over expecting different results– that is insanity. Nothing will change if you don’t change your behaviors. The first step is coming to terms with your disease and admitting you have a problem. There are hotlines, web forums, and places like Rehab Center Los Angeles, Ridgeview Ranch, that can help you along the way. A way to a better more joyful path. You have the opportunity to change your life around and actually LIVE! It really is never too late. Give Ridgeview Ranch a Call Today at (800) 296-1868 and take the first step to your new and happy life.

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