Families in Recovery

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As greatly as addiction interferes and tears an addict’s life apart, their families oftentimes go through the same heartbreak and exhaustion. While an individual in your family is addicted to a substance, they are no longer themselves. They are controlled solely by their want and need for their substance of choice. They are not thinking of others and how what they are doing is severely affecting those around them–those who care about them most. Loving an addict is heart-wrenching. You may try everything you can to help them, but sometimes that just turns into enabling them. You must, at some point, let them hit rock bottom, so they can find their way back. An addict has to have the urgency and want to seek help on their own. You cannot push them. You can stop speaking to them until they get clean. Anything you do seems painful. There is help out there.

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The pain of watching someone you love in such agony, suffering, and pain is not easy. There are many stories of addicts who got help and got clean and they will say that when they were in the grips of addiction nothing mattered except how to get their next fix. It truly is a sad disease. At least there is help out there, and things you can try to do to help yourself and the people around you. It’s best to know more about the situation.

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You can first try to educate yourself on recovery and addiction. Find out what is going through their mind and what they are physically going through. Don’t blame yourself. It’s best not to accuse or judge. This is why it is important to educate yourself, so you can better approach the awful situation. There is hope. Make sure you are able to provide a clean zone for them. Don’t do anything that might trigger them. There are many books about recovery and addiction, as well as programs specifically geared toward the families of drug addicts. There are meetings for you, too. Talk to others, share your stories, in a safe place. Make sure you don’t stop living. Take care of yourself. Always remember the three Cs of dealing with an addict: You didn’t cause the addiction. You can’t control the addiction. You can’t cure the addiction. At Ridgeview Ranch, we offer family programs. If you find yourself searching the internet for the best rehab center Los Angeles, give Ridgeview Ranch a Call Today at (800) 296-1868–We are here to help you!

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