How To Stay Sober This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is almost here! If you’ve recently recovered from an addiction, or are new to the sober scene, keep reading for our official “How To” guide on getting through this season of love.

First things first; forget everything you’ve seen in the movies. We mean everything! Valentine’s Day was not designed for fancy restaurants and themed night clubs. Valentine’s Day was meant to be celebrated with the people you love, whether they are family, friends, or partners. You may be inclined to feel alone and regretful, but that’s a slippery trip down memory lane. Instead, listen to good ol’ Valentine. He himself was all about forgiveness and sharing his passions to warm the hearts of others.

Easier said than done, right? Here’s what St. Valentine didn’t tell us…

Stay Home, Stay Sober.

Home is the safest place you can be when recovering from addiction. There are so many things you can do at home too. Even more romantic, some may say, than being out in a social setting that could trigger your urges to drink alcohol or consume drugs. Don’t have a person to share it with? Shower your pup with some extra love and snuggle up! Make it a night all about you and your sober companion.

Treat Yourself.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, there are plenty of candy options to choose from. Treat yourself first. Get that bag of chocolate you’ve been eyeing all week. Some urges are worth giving into! If sweets are not your thing, schedule a spa day. Whatever you need to show yourself that you care.

Plan An Adventure

What is life without a little adventure? Instead of reminiscing about the holidays and lovers past, plan to do something new and exciting. This will certainly bring you out of that Valentine’s Day funk.

Choosing to lead a sober lifestyle is not as easy as it sounds. And for those recently recovering from addiction, any holiday that revolves around substance use can be triggering and detrimental to your sobriety. So, choose your recovery first. Know your triggers… and avoid them! If it’s social media, take a hiatus. If it’s that old friend that always seems to get you into trouble, do what you can to distance yourself from them. Remember sobriety is a choice, addiction isn’t.

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