Is Alcoholism Genetic?

There are many factors that contribute to alcohol use disorder. Some believe it’s a fault of the environment we surround ourselves with and the people that have influenced and will influence our daily lives. 

There is, however, much more evidence to suggest that while work, stress, and relationships play a role in how one manages anxiety, our genetic makeup is responsible for at least half of the reason why someone could become addicted. 

Alcoholism does not stem from one source or gene. It comes from a combination of traits passed down from our parents and their parents before them. There are certain gene sequences that show a greater chance of developing alcohol use disorder. But, one thing remains clear. Alcoholism is fueled by risky environmental factors and the way they influence a person’s prepositioned behavioral traits. 

Here at Ridgeview Ranch, Los Angeles’ Premier Addiction Treatment Center, we help alcoholics identify and overcome major risk factors that may be contributing to their drug habitats. Risky environmental factors include aggression, abuse, peer pressure, poor social skills, and drug experimentation. All of which are addressed in our comprehensive addiction treatment programs. 

“Mental illness increases the likelihood of developing alcoholism by 20% to 50%.” – Addiction Center 

We know that mental health also plays a part in alcoholism. Mental health disorders are genetically influenced, just as alcoholism is, making the likelihood of developing an addiction even higher. 

Ridgeview Ranch staffs a team of dedicated professionals specifically assigned to target co-occurring disorders within our California Drug Rehabilitation Programs. We know that addiction is a complicated disease. And, while factors and daily influences may vary, we strive to help those struggling navigate through the waters of detox and discover the path to healing! 

Chances are someone you know is losing the battle between alcohol and addictive genetic traits. Pass this information along! Ridgeview Ranch encourages all individuals to break the family chain of alcohol use disorder. And, as always, we’re here. Call (877) 526-7706 to speak with a recovery specialist today. 

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