Meditation for Sober Living

At any stage of recovery, meditation allows individuals a moment in time to reconnect with their mind, body, and spirit. In this way alone, it’s one of the best routines to have when choosing to live a sober life. At Ridgeview Ranch Addiction Treatment Center, we teach our clients the constructs of meditation and how mindful work on the Whole Person has helped so many people reach their full potential.

The Benefits

1) Meditation is defined as a mental exercise, such as focusing on one’s breathing, to gain spiritual awareness. In practice, it helps one reflect and contemplate on past, present, and future progress.

2) In drug rehabilitation centers across Pasadena, meditation is used to conquer addiction. It is a powerful treatment method that not only shows widespread success throughout detox centers and mental health facilities but is a behavior tool that can be taken home and practiced for a lifetime.

3) Alcoholism and excessive drug use have been proven to impair the neural pathways in the brain; shrinking white matter and affecting areas that support decision-making skills, memory, and impulse control. Studies show meditation, paired with sobriety, can reverse these damaging effects and more by helping to create new pathways and improving overall brain function.

4) While drug dependencies stem from many factors, the act of meditation teaches individuals how to cope with negative thoughts and destructive actions across all stages of addiction and recovery.

5) Heightened stress, depression, and anxiety are common symptoms of withdrawal. They are also manageable with a holistic approach such as the programs we have implemented at Ridgeview Ranch.

Our Los Angeles Detox Center is widely recognized for the effective ways we treat and engage with our clients. Meditation is not a one size fits all program. But when it comes to recovering from addiction and leading a life without drugs, it’s truly been a pillar to our success and the successes of so many others.

Take a moment today to sit with your thoughts. Reflect on past loses, gains and accept while they cannot be changed, your reactions to them can be. If you or someone you know has struggled with treating addiction, call (877) 526-7706. Our consultations are always free and completely confidential.



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