Stop Vaping. Start Talking.

It’s been years since the world has been exposed to something as deadly as the e-cigarette movement. As of October 2019, 33 deaths have been reported across the United States associated with vaping. Like the popular Juul, many companies are trying to eliminate the issues surrounding its harmful effects. But the truth is, as of now, researchers are claiming it’s not safe for consumption and certainly not safe for our children.

Vaping is highly addictive.
According to statistics, the use of e-cigarettes in high school students has increased over 900 percent! Almost half of the teens accounted for, never having prior experience with traditional tobacco products. Adults are feeling the effects too as many turn to vaping to help relieve nicotine-based habits, yet continue to smoke both traditional cigarettes and e-cigarettes to fill their newly forming, chemically infused addictions.

When inhaling from a vape, users are sending nicotine directly from their lungs, into their bloodstream, causing immediate effects on the brain. Following regular use, the brain begins to send signals of positive reinforcement after a “hit” and so the potentially fatal habit begins.

Many people believe vaping is a better than smoking cigarettes.

The truth is …. while cigarettes contain more harmful chemicals, the consequences vaping has on the human body are proven to cause sudden lung damage and life-threating organ deterioration. Brain functions can also be permanently damaged by the effects of nicotine as studies show vaping interferes with forming long-term memories and the ability to focus, especially in adolescents.

We thought by 2020 the dangers of cigarette smoking would cease to exist. On the contrary, yet another generation is becoming addicted to nicotine. Talk to your doctor about the importance of staying away from vaping and other harmful substances. As the number of deaths continues to rise, we must take a stand against e-cigarettes; if not for our own health, for the health of our future!

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