Beware The “Darknet”

The internet has become an integral part of today’s society. In times past, people have been known to use the internet to try and hide things from people in their lives. It’s always been the perfect venue for people to do things somewhat masked. However, today, everyone is heavily reliant on the Internet, barely going much time without being connected. Everything seems to be available online. With the growth of internet usage and how it’s revolutionized the way we engage and communicate with the world, the Darknet has made its debut and it’s not a very welcome presence. It has actually been present for over a decade, but not many people knew of its existence. It is a billion-dollar industry with countless worldwide customers. With so many apps and forums out there, now drugs can be bought on the Darknet. Don’t fall victim to its appeal. Parents, wives/husbands, family members, and friends be aware of the brutal nature of the Darknet and know you can find help at drug rehabilitation centers Los Angeles.

The DarkNet can be a very dangerous place. Let Ridgeview Ranch help.

Yes, you guessed it—you can buy illegal drugs on the Internet. Drugs have never been so easily attainable. This form of purchase of illegal substances, for most, seems a much safer route than the alternative of meeting in questionable environments, oftentimes dangerous. Loved ones of addicts, if you see Tor on your loved one’s computer or phone think RED FLAG! Tor grants access to parts of the internet where you can more easily find Darknet markets — it is popular for highly anonymous Internet browsing since it redirects your IP address (the way to track people’s internet use). It is a tool utilized to do pretty much everything you fear your loved one is doing on the Internet.

Social media, a seemingly harmless social forum, may not be so if used for purposes other than its intended use. Since these apps allow you to easily talk to people all across the globe, it makes it that much easier to get what you’re looking for. For instance, a person can post a picture of drugs on Instagram or a similar app and offer drugs for purchase. Sometimes, undercover officers will have alias accounts selling drugs and until the deal is made, the buyer will have no idea. Unfortunately, addicts don’t think in a manner most would. Their first thought isn’t “Oh, I may get caught”, they typically are only thinking of how they can get their hands on their D.O.C. (drug of choice).

Keeping an addict’s cravings at bay isn’t an easy task, nor one you should try to take on. It can get pretty messy. Just be aware and do not enable this behavior. You can always point-blank state that you will no longer be a part of their lives if they continue this behavior. You have the right to cut them off. Just as they have the right to continue a life of dependency and darkness.

If you or a loved one is struggling and you’re looking for help, call Ridgeview Ranch at (800) 296-1868

The Darknet is appropriately named due to its very dark nature. Educating yourself and others is beneficial. There are support groups for just about anyone with any problem. Just as easily as an addict can find drugs, you can find support groups. Don’t be scared to confront your loved one about his or her internet browsing—if they know that you know, it may put a little hurdle in front of them. If you or a loved one is struggling and you’re looking for addiction treatment Los Angeles, give Ridgeview Ranch a call at (800) 296-1868 and get the help you deserve. We deeply believe in providing the help needed for recovery.