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"I am a USAF Veteran. Unfortunately, I had been struggling with drug & alcohol addiction and been in several treatment centers over a course of 10 years. I was trying to find a program that worked for me to no avail. I then found Ridgeview Ranch Treatment Center in Altadena, California! They have a program which is geared specifically towards Veterans as well as treatment for civilians suffering from alcohol and drug addiction. I have found the staff and accommodations outstanding. The staff were well qualified and extremely Professional. They were caring and treated every individual with respect and compassion. They catered to my specific individual needs, and incorporated the 12-step program, one-on-one private therapy, EMDR therapy and treatment for PTSD, Equine Therapy with horses, anger management therapy, coping skills, and much more. They have a private Chef that cooked amazing meals and also their amenities made my stay comfortable. The house was beautiful with a view of the foothills of the San Gabriel mountains. The beds were comfortable and my location had a pool and jacuzzi n which made my stay there very relaxing and comfortable. I have been with Ridgeview Ranch for 5 months now, graduating to sober living, provided by Ridgeview Ranch, after my 30-day residential treatment program. I am now moving on to Veteran's transitional housing, which is also provided by Ridgeview Ranch. I believe this is the only Veteran approved housing for Veterans within the area that is provided in a beautiful private home. If you are looking for a serious, caring, professional Treatment Center and finally succeed in sobriety, Ridgeview Ranch is the place!" - Steve W. (October , 2018)

I can’t believe this day has come! I completed the hardest, most rewarding thing I have ever done. I am forever grateful to Ridgeview Ranch Treatment Center for helping me turn my life around. I have more than I could ever have dreamed of today, and I couldn’t thank the staff more. I was so beat down and broken to the point where I really believed there was no hope. They gave me strength and helped me, my true essence of who I really am. I went through 60 days of inpatient with counselors and therapists that honestly care from the heart and have taught me so many lessons my favorite being, “get busy living, or get busy dying.” Then went to their sober living and attended their outpatient program for another 60 days. Putting both programs together with long periods of time is so important. The whole program is designed to set you up for success. The curriculum is specifically designed by one of the best therapist in the business, who personally I feel saved my life and showed me how to live again. She show me how to find my authentic self. With all the different types of therapy offered, there is something for everyone. I couldn’t believe all the different kinds of therapy that they offered, most of which are taught by people in recovery, like massage therapy, yoga therapy, art therapy, drum therapy, rock to recovery, equine therapy, and even yoga in the pool! Ridgeview is very individualized and only has a limited amount of people there at one time so everyone receives a lot of one on one time which is key. The most important therapy for me was my trama therapy. I received EMDR which helped me deal with many of the traumatic events in my life that were keeping me stuck in the past. When I got to Ridgeview I found out I had pancreatitis. The staff was very supportive and helpful getting me to my doctor visits. Also the private chef was especially helpful in that she catered exactly to my dietary needs, making me special meals each day. This place is truly special. If you are serious about getting sober then Ridgeview is the place to do it. It will forever hold a special place in my heart. - Amber O. (October, 2018)

I was very scared to go into treatment because this was my first time experiencing anything like this. I was picked up by a wonderful tech and we had a great conversation that put me at ease. I was still detoxing pretty hard, so the first week was quite a blur for me. I was so lucky to be living with an incredible group of women and we all stay connected as often as life permits. I ended up staying 6 weeks and I am glad I did because 4 weeks would not have been a long enough time to gain the tools and guidance through one on one therapy, process groups, mediation and I could go on and on. The unique part of Ridgeview for me was the introduction to alternative therapies that may help through everyday life stresses. The counselors are so caring and really want you to succeed.  I can't say enough great things about the staff and the people that work at corporate. I never felt alone and if I did feel anxious there was always someone there to speak with you privately immediately. Thanks Ridgeview Ranch for making this process an unforgettable experience. - Michele B. (February, 2017)

I came into Ridgeview Ranch December 2015. I had no hope, and Ridgeview Ranch is hands down a top notch treatment center. The facility is amazing & from the time you go through intake until your exit plan you will want for nothing outside of your sobriety. The staff does not only work there, they've also walked in your shoes which lets you know they understand & care. Ridgeview definitely taught me life changing skills about me & my addiction that will keep my recovery a reality. Thank you RR!!  - Daniel B. (January, 2017)

Loving staff, follow ups were constant and I've been sober since! I still call and check on staff to show my gratitude towards their generosity. Lovely place, you will recover! - Drew M.

I came into Ridgeview Ranch December 2015. I had no hope, and had no idea who I had become, & how I had gotten so lost along the way. Ridgeview greeted me with respect and dignity. That day, on December 24th I began my journey. Ridgeview is unique in that they understand every client comes in with different needs and has had different life experiences, and as a result, they build a treatment place specific to each client. They are a 12-step model which enables them to help us get out of "our story" and the narrative we have created, and get into the solution. Today I'm leaving Ridgeview and feel very well equipped to do so. I have a heavy heart, have spent a lot of tearful moments today in saying my goodbye's, but today I cry tears of joy and a sense of accomplishment. They loved me until I could love myself. They believed in me until I could believe in myself. They protected me & directed me until I could do that as well. This is so much more than a treatment facility, it is a family. - A. Wagner

“I wanted to write and let you know how very grateful my husband and I are for all you and the staff of Ridgeview have doe for our son. He is having his 1st Birthday on September 29th; and we are clear it would not have happened without the exceptional care and advocacy you extended him. From talking with Hollywood Detox to keepin him in residential longer than we thought possible with his insurance to the best IOP sober living. With your help, I am thrilled to say, he is a different person today, taking responsibility and maturing in leaps and bounds.  There are no words for our heartfelt gratitude. You are doing amazing work in a truly challenging field of service. And while we trily hope not to require that assistance ever again, you must know and all the counselors and staff at Ridgeview are in our thoughts and hearts forever.” Jan H.

“It’s a blessing to see God working through you there at Ridgeview Ranch, I have seen such a change in my daughter. She has been sober for six months now. It’s nice to know someone who still has the faith to believe that the more you give the more you receive, you have been someone who was ready by thought, word or deed to reach out a hand in the hour of my daughter’s need. I will never forget what you and Kathleen have done for my daughter…you two went above and beyond to be there for her. May God bless and watch over you and all you do. You are a blessing!” Sherryl H.

“Raquel’s yoga classes were one of the most incredible therapeutic aspects of my recovery program. I have been in a few rehabs but this time we had yoga two times a week: the combination of flexibility, strength, mind and focus training are essential ingredients to balance the many unbalancing aspects of the addict’s state of being. I felt so energized, so relaxed, so good about myself and as far as I am concerned is necessary for the recovering addict!” T.M.

“Experiencing, Practicing Yoga is especially important for those in recovery. It has a detoxifying and healing effect. It helps connect us back with our souls, our spirit.” J.H.

“You, Irma, are the woman of formidable experiences who has learned to follow (her) knowing and you willingly, eagerly, gently, passionately, honestly and without hesitation, teach what you know to those who are struggling on the path. Your generosity of spirit, your blunt honesty, your outrageous insistence on being absolutely accepting of one’s own vulnerabilities, one’s ‘humanness”, has been enormously helpful and encouraging to me. You have led me, step by small step, out of my emptiness, isolation and desolation (or at least pointed to the door), and I thank you for the direction, encouragement and assurance. How can I ever adequately thank you for all the help you’ve given not only me, but my entire family? Irma, my teacher, my healer, my friend, the ‘wildest woman’ I know, keep laughing, keep howling. You are so very, very, very, very much cherished and dearly loved.” K.T.

“I’m grateful and thankful to Ridgeview Ranch for helping me to reclaim my life from cocaine addiction. If you are looking for a substance abuse treatment center that is 100% committed to treating the whole person (mental, physical & emotionally), this is the facility. The staff was friendly and eager to address my needs, their treatment plans and therapies (which includes yoga, equine therapy, art therapy, mediation, etc) were phenomenal! I love their beautiful and peaceful facility and grounds. You guys are the best! I want to stay in touch. Thanks again for everything!” J. Mitchell

“Ridgeview Ranch helped me to restore my life from meth addiction. It was most defintely a positive experience and I’m grateful for their help and support during this difficult time in my life. The staff was friendly and eager to address my needs. The facilities, treatment plans and therapies were phenomenal. I highly recommend this residential treatment facility if you’re looking to heal and become healthy again from substance abuse." M. Jacky

“I was referred to Ridgeview Ranch by a friend who found Ridgeview residential treatment center on the internet. She made calls to other friends to ask about Ridgeview Ranch and was told it was a good place to go to. I decided to go. My experience at Ridgeview Ranch addiction treatment center was fantastic! I felt like I was with family, never isolated or lonely. At times, I was a bit challenged as far as me adjusting and committing to the treatment program, but that was what was needed in order for me to completely grow and make the changes I needed to recover from substance abuse. The serene, secluded facility was conducive to providing the environment I needed to recover and heal. The environment is incredible, peaceful with great outdoors activities, hiking, yoga, etc. The amazing onsite chef they have prepare amazing healthy and delicious meals that was fantastic! Just another plus. I highly recommend Ridgeview Ranch! I received my 2 year chip in 2012 and that would not have been possible without my stay at Ridgeview Ranch and the support of the staff. Go to Ridgeview Ranch, be good to yourself and get the help you need…" Jan C.

"Ridgeview Ranch is the addiction treatment center I could ever wish for and more! After my research of Los Angeles drug rehabs for treating alcoholism, cocaine addiction, heroin addiction and meth addiction, I was impressed with this high end, secluded facility at an amazing, affordable price. The staff was attentive, caring and passionate about my recovery. I am grateful for my new beginning! Thanks Ridgeview Ranch! I highly recommend you…" Carol M.

Ridgeview Ranch provides superior rehabilitation treatment services to those suffering from the disease of drug or alcohol addiction. Our professional and experienced staff provide hope, care, comfort, and safety to each individual on their path to recovery.

“The Path to Healing Begins at Ridgeview Ranch”


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