The Vital Role of Nutrition in Addiction Recovery

The Vital Role of Nutrition in Addiction Recovery. It’s a given that nutrition, in general, is important, but it’s a critical factor in addiction recovery. Call Ridgeview Ranch at 877-526-7706 to learn more.

It’s a given that nutrition in general is important, but it’s a critical factor in addiction recovery. Substance use and addiction affects your body comparable to an unbalanced diet, taking a toll not only your weight but also on how your organs work, including your brain which influences how you think and feel. The recovery process can place high levels of physical and mental stress on an addict, so the benefits that come from proper nutrition make it extremely important to a successful recovery as well as preventing a relapse.

Physical Dietary Effects
Like addiction, the recovery process creates changes in the body that affect organ functions and metabolism. These changes can be directed toward a healthy physical recovery by eating foods that are low in fat, high in protein, and have complex carbohydrates and dietary fiber. The focus here is on avoiding “empty” calories. It’s also equally important to observe regular mealtimes so that your body develops a steady internal rhythm and flow not just for the intake and digestion of food, but also for the distribution of nutrients that follows eating as the food is broken down.

Mental Dietary Effects
A diet lacking in proper nutrition creates a deficiency in amino acids, the building blocks of life. One of their functions is the production of dopamine in the brain. A dopamine deficiency can lead to a wide range of problems, from fatigue and aches to mood swings and insomnia. Because nutrition affects the brain’s biochemical influences on our mental state, holistic addiction treatment centers are constantly looking for effective ways to utilize balanced nutrition to treat substance cravings, anxiety, and depression.

Nutrition’s Role in Our Mission
As a holistic addiction recovery facility, Ridgeview Ranch recognizes the vital importance of proper nutrition to every patient’s recovery. Physical, mental, and emotional health are linked and must be promoted simultaneously. This not only helps to realize a successful recovery, but also helps to ensure continued well-being afterward. In a way, we have two primary goals for our patients: guiding them through the journey toward recovery, and preparing them to walk the path of sobriety under their own power. Nutrition has an important role in both cases.

To learn more about Ridgeview Ranch’s holistic methodology to addiction recovery, including our approach to providing balanced nutrition in the recovery process, call us 877-526-7706 or use our convenient contact form with any questions.

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